Bassem was born in Ottawa as a second generation Canadian whose parents emigrated from Egypt. He has lived abroad, and speaks French and Arabic along with English. He is a creative person and thinker who’s taken those traits and incorporated them into entrepreneurship and the world of digital marketing. He strongly believes in both sustainable business models and making a social impact through sharing stories of our experiences and supporting and empowering those on the frontlines of positive action in the world. He believes the world of digital marketing offers an ocean of opportunity to scale big ideas, and people’s passions and callings.

After completing his last Certificate at Algonquin College in Mobile and Social Media Management in 2014, Bassem set out on his entrepreneurial journey founding a company called Grassroots Multimedia with other graduates involvement at the outset. He continues to have important plans for the company, in focusing on original content production and helping the niche of speakers, authors, and coaches get massive results through maximizing their online presence and platforms.

It’s very rewarding and invigorating to be the Director of Partnerships at Armada Marketing, where Bassem gets to seek out new opportunities, relationships, and strategic partners in the vast ocean that is Digital Marketing. If you’re authentic, have integrity, and genuinely care about people, everything else usually falls into place nicely; as long as you excel at what you do and focus on your clients and partners needs. At Armada, they help explode the growth of businesses in a digital world

A short summary of Armada Marketing: Armada Marketing was created on the basis that Businesses in Ottawa can receive the rarity of being clients to a company that caters to them with honesty, creativity, and integrity, and we continue to do so as our team expands and our projects diversify locally, nationally, and internationally.

Bassem was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when he was 17, back in 1997, in addition to a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder. These conditions in combination to several years where he experienced bullying from the very people he called friends, while family didn’t know what was going on, provided the perfect storm for things to reach a breaking point. At the age of 25 was a turning point for Bassem in terms of continuing to build on faith as a central stabilizing force, going deeper into personal development and coping techniques that over the next 10 years has gotten him to a place where his doctor says his turnaround is like a miracle case, but he takes nothing for granted. When the situational type sadness now comes, he is humbled and still needs to use his coping mechanisms to ward off cyclical thinking and spiralling. With his new show, he hopes to play the role of facilitator for others to say their truths on the topic of mental illness as well as to open up with his own experiences, writing, and interactions for the cause of breaking down stigma, celebrating peoples strengths and ingenuity, and speaking to that 17 year old that was him, that might now tune in, and allow him or her to at least relate or find some comfort, strength, or inspiration.

Bassem often thinks in the form of rhymes and poetry and it is an expressive outlet for him to share his reality and observations on life to the world, while aspiring to offer value to others besides him.

Solemn stream is a website Bassem created that showcases a sample of creative writing and poetry compiled over 20 years, on the topic of faith, bipolar, bullying, and more that he plans to publish in a book soon.

Bassem is excited for what the future holds for Armada Marketing, Grassroots Multimedia, and the weekly show he has begun hosting on the important topics of collaboration and mental health in a digital world, among other projects in the pipeline. Stay tuned!